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Book 1

Dear Parents, Grandparents and Teachers

"Ann steps up." is a unique entirely phonetic system, which enables a beginner to read sentences in 12 hours.

By learning first the sounds of the letters, a new reader can progress swiftly to the complexities of the English language.

The scheme comprises 250 pages in 10 carefully graded, illustrated books. It is exceedingly versatile both in class and individual tuition, lending itself easily to handwriting and drawing.

Guidelines for use are also supplied with the scheme to help you get the most out of it.

200 phonetic words, the basis for early spelling, can be extended to oral flashcard reading tests or interchanged to form different phrases and sentences.

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"Ella loves the books! She’s way ahead of her class on the reading front.
Thank you so much for developing this set, even my 17 month old is looking through them now.

Kind regards,
Gemma Kemp

Scheme Contents

Book 1 - Aa ant - contains 26 3-letter nouns (names of objects) demonstrating the 26 sounds of the alphabet.

Book 2 - bag - is similar, but tests knowledge of the letter sounds.

Book 3 - mill - 26 4-letter nouns starting with 3 sounds.

Book 4 - 1 king - introduces the numbers 1-20 and plural nouns.

Book 5 - a cat mat - 26 3-letter word adjectival phrases describing the last noun.

Book 6 - dad in bed - continues with phrases introducing prepositions of place.

Book 7 - a duck pond - 26 4-letter word adjectival phrases builds on the previous books.

Book 8 - Ann can tap - 26 alphabetical 3-letter name sentences introducing punctuation.

Book 9 - Ann must dust - Similar using 4-letter words, different words with capitals and new punctuation.

Book 10 - Ann Cox on a box 13 funny rhyming couplets, some without main verbs to test true reading.

"I wish you all great pleasure and satisfaction from helping others to read English."
Joan Thomas

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